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McNerney supports clean energy bill
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I want to take this opportunity to thank Congressman Jerry McNerney for representing our district so well by supporting the American Clean Energy and Security Act.  

Congressman McNerney understands that we need to look forward, not backward, to meet our energy needs in the future.  The burning of fossil fuels and coal negatively impacts the environment and the health of everyone in the world, but we in this district are keenly affected by the pollution generated through the use of these types of energy.  We also need the green jobs that will be created by the move from using fossil fuels to using renewable sources of energy, jobs that will be created right here in this district, at a time when we really need them.  Tough times call for bold leadership and give us real opportunity for change.  I believe that Congressman McNerney has demonstrated both leadership and vision through his vote on this bill.  I hope our Senators will do the same.

July 22, 2009