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Measure A doubles tax on homeowners
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Where are the voices of  homeowners in Ripon? As a homeowner in Ripon I am incensed that the RCFD tried to sneak a measure through that would double the tax  aid to RCFD each year.  It is clear that the RCFD Board of Directors did all they could to have Measure “A” fly under the radar of public notice.  I believe their intent was to flood the city of Ripon with signs requesting support of Measure “A” to ensure a continued fast response, with as little additional information being released as possible.  It appears that RCFD is not in favor of an informed electorate. How else do explain their publishing the legally required notice in the Stockton Record?   Home owners in Ripon need to be aware that when the RCFD tell you the increase is only $125 a year for most homeowners, it is also a 100% increase of the tax paid to RCFD by homeowners today.  
RFCD says that they are currently underfunded and understaffed because of the Growth of Ripon and their funding  based on a 1985 measure.  RCFD wants to say growth is creating additional demands on the district, but fail to state that this same growth results in additional revenue to RCFD.  In addition the increased assessed value of homes generates increased revenue to RCFD.  My question is, in light of this how can they justify doubling the amount of taxes to be paid to RCFD by the majority of homeowners?
 I believe RFCD sees a need, I also think they see an opportunity, based on a pretty good economy and rapid growth of Ripon, now seems the opportune time to raise taxes on homeowners in Ripon to fund RFCD today and far into the future.  Not just their needs but a lot of wishes/wants as well. I think they overreached.  Is there any other government agency that would ask to double your taxes?  I think not! Neither should RCFD. Vote no, on Measure “A”.

Bill Maynard