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Memorial Day event confusion over dogs being allowed
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I just wanted to state my frustration with the lack of communication with the staff at the Memorial Day celebration at Woodward Park, the city of Manteca and the community about the city ordinances pertaining to dogs.

I was not allowed to take my licensed/leashed dog into the park during the Memorial Day event. I recently moved back into the area from a small dog friendly town called Mammoth Lake. My parents live in the area around Woodward Park and they told me about event being held on Sunday, so I decided to go. 

In Mammoth Lake people take their dogs with them to these events to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. So I decided to take my 3-year-old West Highland White Scottish Terrier named Guinness. When I got there I was turned down with my dog, I didn’t question it and I took my dog home. So I returned to the park without my dog, I walked around and I counted about 20-plus non-service type dogs in the event, so I went home and brought my dog thinking that the lady who had turned me down might of been misinformed. When I tried to enter another lady refused to let me in stating that the city told them no dogs and that dogs weren’t allowed because of a previous incident where a dog attacked someone. When I asked to speak to someone from the city or law enforcement, they were unable to put me in contact with anyone so I proceeded into the event.

My main complaint is the fact that citizens who are responsible dog owners and are paying licensing fees, and observing city ordinances are being treated unfairly because of one dog’s mistakes. Just like parents of children, we are responsible for our animal’s behavior and we should get to choose whether or not our dog can handle these types of social situations rather than people who don’t know our animals judge them. I honestly don’t know how Manteca can claim to be a Family City when our furry family members are treated like they are all vicious creatures that are expected to stay confined to our homes.

Do you know where I can find out more about the city ordinances that pertain to my situation for future reference? From what I have read I was following all of the ordinances pertaining to dogs in the city of Manteca.

Jenna Lavender
May 27, 2012