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Metal building never used as SSJID horse barn
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to correct a statement made in the Bulletin, May 15, 2010, pertaining to the expansion of the city yard on E. Wetmore St.

The large metal building located just east of the water tower was never used as a “horse barn.” It was the mechanical shop and parking garage for all the smaller rolling equipment used by the workmen. My father, E.E. Vest, was at that time chief mechanic and superintendent of the building and yard.

All of the horses belonging to SSJID. were housed by a Mr. Grubee, an employee, who had a ranch near Escalon. It was his job to take care of the livestock and transport them to the job site where they would be needed.

When I was small I spent many hours at the yard and became acquainted with the workmen and learning how to keep out of the way of moving equipment. As an 89-year resident of Manteca I have seen many changes.
David B. Vest
May 15, 2010