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Military preparedness & brain-washed girls
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Many will agree and many will disagree; most are simply not paying any attention; however here’s my comment on Private Jones and the current state of military preparedness in America.
We read in Tuesday’s Bulletin that Sierra High School graduate Caitlin Jones has joined the US Army; with a list of all the “coaches” in her life that presumably brainwashed her into thinking that she could do whatever she wanted to.  She has voiced a desire to go Airborne and be a “paratrooper” which in her military occupational specialty, having already earned her EMT certification before going in, would seem commendable at first blush.  However the United States should review this new policy which panders to the radical feminist doctrine of equality in employment of genders at all cost.

First of all, the military should not be an adventure camp for brain-washed girls. Even the modern function of the Army, which is largely humanitarian, has at its base a mission to kill or capture the enemy.  It’s still about war. The new way of speaking calls it “defense” but the spirit remains the same as it ever was, to kill.  Now you put a helmet on her head and condition her as tough as separate but equal military training can do, and she’s still a girl.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and our rabid Islamic enemy knows this; they know that the Army is becoming more and more riddled with soft spots; they know that the new American matriarchy has seen fit to accommodate females in all occupations including the military; occupations which have always been physically and mentally tough.  Judicious division of labor requires that women should be used where they are best suited to make the most comprehensive use of their natural abilities.  To employ girls as paratroopers demeans the value of paratroopers as spear-point units traditionally used to strike “terror” into the hearts of enemy soldiers.
Now, I know she can’t cut Delta Force training, nor can she cut Ranger School; God knows there are plenty of unmentionable units that she’s not physically or mentally qualified for; so too should the combat value and psychological impression of such units as the “Paratroopers”, the “Marine Corps” and others be retained.  The murderous enemies of American freedom need to be very fearful of these elite units which must never be watered down and weakened in varying degrees through the presence of well meaning girls.

I know that we will need to reinstate the draft for men before this war is over; but in the mean-time let us use the radical feminist females where their very presence will not tend to diminish military effectiveness and even make a mockery of it.   The Army must reach accord in determining where, and in what function, girls/women can be most effective.  For the sake of American military preparedness, the Army must realize their optimal function.  This isn’t a matter of gender equality as it is winning this current Islamic War.
 Steven J. Catalano
Wednesday, April 28, 2010