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Millner says its time for Hernandez to go off council
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The City of Manteca says that installing decent restrooms at the new BMX Park is too costly, but gave no thought of spending $864,000 for a parking lot at Woodward Park along with a picnic shelter.

My, my, how nice of them to say one project was too costly while tripling the cost of another project at the request of Councilman (Vince) Hernandez, the healer of our fair city. It is plain to see that “glory seeker Hernandez” is only concerned to get all he can for projects at Woodward Park. While hot days are just around the corner, how is this going to look to people attending activities at the BMX Park, with those stinky port-o-potties and no running water? This is surely another way to say that Manteca is the Family City as “Glory seeker Hernandez says” what a fluke this is.

At the end of the budget meeting held at the Council Chambers on June 22, “Healer Hernandez” says that he goes by the BMX Park on a daily basis and says that things are looking good. Well, it is plain to see that Hernandez does not have his eyes opened while passing the BMX Park, or he himself could have and should have pushed for decent restrooms. At a previous council meeting Hernandez was only concerned about the money that the BMX Park would bring into the city.

Every barrel of apples has a bad apple, it is plain to see that Hernandez is the “bad apple” in this barrel. It is time for Hernandez to go. Step down Hernandez, resign. You might try getting a job as a policeman or an Army recruiter.
Fred Millner
June 23, 2010