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Misleading people about illegals
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Letters to the Manteca Bulletin can’t go unchecked. Leo Bennett-Cauchon and Larry Baca have written the equivalent of “fake news” in their recent letters.  Leo called President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration a “rotten banana and then misrepresented Dennis Wyatt’s column about sanctuary cities by misquoting him.
Leo went on to mislead the readers of the Bulletin about the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. Leo claims ICE and the immigration policies are “tearing families apart.”  Leo doesn’t mention the reason Guadalupe was deported was because she had committed the crime of identity theft.  I can assume if Leo was the victim of identity theft, he may think differently. Guadalupe is a criminal and she was also here illegally.
Under Leo’s logic, anyone who has a family must not be deported.  Under Leo’s logic, no one should go to jail or prison because that will separate the family by “tearing families apart.”  I would suggest to Leo and anyone who is committing that if you don’t want your family torn apart, don’t do the crime.  Follow the law.  There are many here who came here legally.  There shouldn’t be any special privilege for someone coming here illegally or breaking our laws.  Would you like your identity stolen or used by a criminal Leo?  Not me!
Last, I don’t understand why the Bulletin gives Larry Baca the pleasure of writing more of his “Fake News.”  Sure, his next letter will be that he has that right and I am asking for him to be silenced.  No Larry, no one is asking for you to be silence.  We are asking you to stop lying in every letter you write.  No one wants to read your garbage.  The latest lie was Larry claiming President Trump’s Executive Order to place a ban on seven nations who support terrorist was in Larry’s words “a Muslim Ban.”  Now, if that were the case Larry, why is the ban on only 15 percent of Muslim nations?  When President Obama placed a ban on Iraq in 2011 was that a Muslim ban?  When President Carter placed a ban on Iran in the late 1970s, was that a Muslim ban?  No.  You know and everyone else with a half brain knows it was not.  It was for security reason. This is why I will fact check you and Leo Bennett-Cauchon because until you get your facts correct, everything you write is “Fake News.”

Robert Blanch