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Miss Ann grows real fine tomatoes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

If any of the Bulletin’s readers enjoy the taste of fresh picked farm produce, especially heirloom tomatoes, a well kept secret is about to be shared. Russell Land and Livestock at 8913 Southland Road, Manteca, has a curb side stand where they sell, at very reasonable prices, a lot of what’s grown locally as well as free range chicken eggs.

Every year I wait for that moment when the road signs go up and get my “fix” of delicious Heirloom tomatoes. They grow many varieties, colors, shapes, tastes, ahh man, if you crave that taste of ripe, fresh picked tomatoes you have got to try these.

When you pull up to the self serve stand, Miss Ann usually comes out to chat and assist with questions and/or purchases.

Believe me, it’s a great deal with very reasonable prices. Give them a call at 209.823.1880 and Miss Ann will give you the best times to stop by.

Al Barth