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Missing the point about Brietenbucher letter
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is in response to Mr. McComas’ opinion piece regarding Ms. Breitenbucher’s new position at Manteca Unified School District.

Mr. McComas, if you read my opinion piece thoroughly, you would have noticed that the majority of the piece was in regards to the alleged hiring of multiple high priced consultants to train Ms. Breitenbucher in her new position, as senior director of business services by Manteca Unified School District.  If consultants are in fact going to be contracted and paid high salaries to train Ms. Breitenbucher in her new position in order for her to fulfill her new job duties, then it is perfectly understandable that I am questioning that the right decision was made in the hiring of this position.    The main point being, if Ms. Breitenbucher, or anyone for that matter,  is unable to accept the position as senior director of business services without having high priced consultants come specifically to train her for that position, that this then should be deemed a highly questionable placement.    If Ms. Breitenbucher is able to step into this job and fulfill her duties without having the school district pay consultants for her job training, then obviously the right decision was made.  
In no way was this a personal attack on Ms. Breitenbucher, which is totally opposite of what your opinion piece was towards me.  I made sure in my writing that I did not make this a personal attack against Ms. Breitenbucher, but an opinion on the article that was in the paper and information that I had heard and discussed with others.  In your defense of Ms. Breitenbucher, you made personal assumptions about my education of which you have no knowledge of.  I am a college graduate and though I do not have a masters degree as Ms. Breitenbucher, or yourself (I assume per your writing), I am sure that I will be able to one day achieve that goal.  Please excuse me if I am not up to your standard of education.  Whether or not you’re an employee of the school district, it’s this type of attitude that has spawned mistrust in the actions of the school district.  
Samantha Robertson
June 21, 2009