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Mission Ridge Drive residents should ask for traffic signals, not stop signs
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Hey Ben Cantu — so I read where we just have to ask you and we can get half-million dollar signals put in. Way cool! We want one at Woodward Avenue and Main Street, the stop signs are just so passe. 

It’d be nice to have traffic signals at Woodward and Union Road too. I bet many others will want one too. Obviously the folks on Mission Ridge ought to just ask for traffic signals instead of old fashioned stop signs. 

While you are at it, we want more parking at Woodward Park plus a swimming pool, lighted tennis courts and a snack bar/bathroom facility for our kids while playing soccer. Nice of you to pay for all of this since we the taxpayers are kind of tapped out right now. Every time we get ahead a little bit, Gavin Newsom and his Sacramento gang keep taking it away.

Rich Silverman