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Monkey business in Congress as Obama acts
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Just watched a video clip of John Boehner on the news, he was entertaining two little girls with a mechanical wind-up monkey that he apparently keeps on his desk. You’ve all seen one of these, the Monkey has a cymbal on each hand, when you wind it up, it bangs the two cymbals together. Entertaining for a child, at least for a short period, but for an adult, it hardly gets a smile. But this time I got quite a kick out of it, not because of the cymbal banging monkey, but because of Republican Congressman and House Leader, said to the two young girls after winding the monkey up and letting it go. He said, “This is what I do all day!” Apparently, taking into consideration what has been produced by the House, this is what the entire Congress does — at least the Teapublican portion. 

That monkey has been wound up at least 60 times just to repeal the ACA and all that has been accomplished has been a whole lot of cymbal banging. Now they are about to wind it up again. What is the useless cymbal banging for this time? Well, to sue the President or course! Why, because he is doing what they keep asking him to do — to get stuff done on his own. Take what happened in Texas, right after the suit was announced, Gov. Rick Perry asked the President to use his Executive Authority to do something about the humanitarian problem involving illegal children crossing the border. Apparently the Governor hadn’t received the memo from John Boehner. 

Congress is due to come back from vacation soon. I’m not entirely sure what they were taking the vacation from, maybe they needed to replace the worn monkey cymbals. So what is the Congress planning of working on upon their much anticipated arrival? Well, we got a good hint when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-Ky) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) were caught on a hot mic Wednesday discussing talking-points for yet another useless Government Shutdown. Over what? The ACA of course, heck, 61 times wouldn’t do much to the cymbal monkey at this point, would it?

 If you expect anything from Congress upon their return, you can bet it will involve a whole lot of GOP cymbal banging. Sounds like more monkey business to me.


Larry Baca