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Moorhead stepped up to help bring business to Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Manteca Bulletin on July 21 ran a story titled "is Manteca business friendly" I am the man that this story was about.  I wanted to write this letter to the editor about an extraordinary individual, Debbie Moorhead. The day after the paper ran this story, I was angry and upset that it was so difficult to open a new small business in Manteca and then I received a call from Debbie. 

Debbie explained that the City of Manteca not only wanted my business, but  that opening a car dealership in the city of Manteca would be a good thing for the community.  Debbie contacted the City Manager as well as the head of Economic Planning and Development for the city of Manteca and arranged for me to have a meeting the very next day.  Debbie has since watched my progress and has helped this along and now we are weeks away from being able to open.  I would not be able to open this business without her help.  I do not care whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, the City of Manteca and our country for that matter, needs people like Debbie Moorhead to help push our communities back in the right direction.  I’m very thankful to her for the help.  Please re-elect Debbie Moorhead to the Manteca City Council.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that she is exactly what we want and need in an elected official.

 I will soon open an approved auto center at 1760 E. Yosemite in Manteca.

Brandon Gonsalves


Oct. 30, 2012