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More concerns involving Ripon superintendent
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I sent my complaint (Letter to Manteca Bulletin April 21, 2017), because I wanted to make sure there was information from all sides/angles, and to let Riponites and friends from the local area know that there is more going on than what is on the surface. 
From what I see, the Ripon Unified School District superintendent is being unjust and unkind toward students and teachers.
When I met with all 5 school board members, separately, several of them told me that “this type of thing” with the superintendent would not happen again.  “This type of thing” meaning: Bad judgment, going into inappropriate topics, and inappropriate behavior directed at our kids/students.  Only a few weeks later, I found out that in a separate incident, the superintendent, in an unkind type of way, showed the Student Representative to the Ripon Unified School Board (A current high school student), the personnel/salary file of a high school teacher/employee.  I believe that is not legal and more importantly just wrong.  I confirmed that this happened (Meaning I would not state this without doing due diligence).  To me, the superintendent’s bad judgment and inappropriate behavior towards kids/students isn’t a one off mistake.  It is a pattern. 
When I think of the position of superintendent, I think of the teacher of teachers, the role model of role models.  Someone, whose focus should be on two main areas:
1) Improving the broad programs and curriculum in Ripon Unified
2) Finding ways to engage individual students, similar to how Mr. Rangel takes the time and effort to try to put names-to-faces of all 900 or so of his students in order to try to prevent kids from slipping through the cracks at Ripon High School.  But it feels like the superintendent’s focus isn’t on Ripon.  The superintendent’s kids didn’t and don’t attend Ripon Unified.  The superintendent’s primary residence isn’t from Ripon or the surrounding areas, but rather a 95864 zip code.  The superintendent conveys a feeling that she isn’t looking to be a long-term resident of Ripon, but rather that she is using Ripon as a stepping stone to a future better job.
Teachers are in a very difficult position.  How can they speak out against their boss?  Imagine if you are a teacher, and your kid is in that room during the “lunch meeting incident” (Letter in Manteca Bulletin April 21, 2017).  You can’t speak out, because it’s your boss.  By the way, roughly half the kids in that room were kids of teachers or administrators.  I feel that there’s a problem when someone in a position of power is allowed to treat kids/students, parents, and teachers in a disrespectful manner.  It is my belief that this is happening in our community and school district, right now.
To me, the Ripon Community is a very close knit family.  Many of us grew up here, made life-long relationships and great memories here, learned from great teachers here, went to schools/colleges and got jobs, and then came back to raise our kids here.  Ripon is our home.  It is truly not a good thing, when someone doesn’t treat friends, teachers, kids, and the community with the respect that we deserve.
A parent and resident of Ripon that is looking out for the best interest of our schools, community, and kids. Thank You,
Jimmy Lan

We support and agree with the issues and concerns in this letter.
Rebecca Pedersen,  Nicholas Brown, Christopher Cavazos, Betsy Gonzales, Jeana Chiodo, Callum Taylor, Phil Chiodo, Rogelio Gonzalez, Erika Alvarez, Maria Medrano, Claidia Flores, Sara Beck, Sarabia Family, Saldana Family