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More needed than thoughts & prayers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Okay, I certainly agree more respect toward people of faith could have been displayed (and fist bump to you for cherry-picking the more indelicate of the tweets), but there is a point to be made.
Citizens such as you and I can do little more than offer “thoughts and prayers” to those affected by heinous acts.
Legislators and politicians (and newspapers?) however have the power to provide more than just platitudes.   Fifty people gunned down in Vegas and those in a position to begin a meaningful reaction extend only thoughts and prayers.
People are killed on a busy New York City bike trail by a madman in a truck. Those in charge offer thoughts and prayers and action. Barriers are immediately installed and others reinforced.
Fanatics use airplanes to cause death and destruction. Along with thoughts and prayers laws are passed and deterrents are put in place to lessen the likelihood of similar acts.
A psychopath enters a Texas church with a rifle and wipes out a congregation. Thoughts and prayers are
tendered, but nothing more.
Do you see a pattern?
Some things, it seems, will not change. That became evident when Evil slaughtered the Innocents at Sandy Hook. My God! They were Babies! “Thoughts and prayers.”    That left no doubt that America had compromised its soul. America then accepted the sacrificing of her children on the altar of the inviolate 2nd Amendment.

Dennis Eggink