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Moving July 4th celebration wasnt a dud
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I, for one, do not think moving the Fourth of July activities a day earlier was a dud.  

As stated, we saved money as a city!  My family enjoyed what was available.  What a novel idea to save money by doing something that seems a little out of place.  Our city leaders and some residents at times don’t seem to have a clue what that means.  It was in part their lack of foresight that helped get us into this mess.  

What “house” doesn’t want, or need to have ample reserves to handle times when they get tough?  They say moving July Fourth activities to Friday was a dud?  They did note in your article that “attendance was off a bit at all of the events.”  A bit does not sound like very much.  Could the difference be due to the fact that many families are not even living in Manteca that would normally have attended?  My street alone has 5-6 empty houses that used to have families living in them.   What is the real reason for the reversal of their previous decision?  Either they can’t make decisions and stick by them, or, it was a PR stunt to have people on one hand say you did good moving activates to Friday, and those on the other saying you did good to recognize you did wrong and admit it ,especially when it’s time to run for reelection.
By the way, Fourth of July activities on a Sunday I believe will see attendance off more than “a bit.”  Now that will be a dud!
 Del Dahle