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MUSD tiff: Separate fiction from facts
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,
I, for one am a person who despises the waste in the Manteca Unified School District or any other government agency, but we do not need rumors going around that are treated as facts.  For those of you who wish to criticize the MUSD, stick to the facts like: 1) work books and other material that is not used by a teacher. 2) One or two aides in a room with a teacher. 3) My favorite, a system that requires the district to become top heavy in order to get state money.  

In the recent two letters to the Editor from Ms. Robertson, she states very clearly that there is a rumor that Ms. Breitenbucher will need two or three high-priced consultants to train her in her new job.  Ms. Robertson complains that the money can be better spent elsewhere.  On the blogs, people are treating this information as fact.  Ms. Robertson also complained on the blog that I personally attacked her on this issue whereas she was “merely questioning the rumor that multiple high-priced consultants were necessary to train Ms. Breitenbucher”.  
Well, Ms. Robertson, I have waited with baited breath for your apology to Ms. Breitenbucher for your attack on her.  Did you stop to think that you insulted her?  Your whole letter was a challenge to Ms. Breitenbucher’s ability, education, and reason for getting the position.  You did state that the hiring “sounds more like the good old boy network hiring one of their own” in your first letter.  You also stated that the board did not even participate in the hiring process.  In fact you claim (question) “that the board was spoon-fed what the administration personnel deemed they needed to know”  Your whole letter sounds like sour grapes to me.  If I had to guess, it sounds like you made up the whole story about needing consultants to me.

Yes, I am speculating, but I admit it.  Let’s use some common sense and good judgment and look at this situation.  Consultants are hired for one of two reasons: they have a highly specialized skill that is needed for a very short term and specific task, or they have a very broad skill set that very few people have.  As for the broad skill set, Ms. Breitenbucher has an Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and a Chief Business Officer (CBO) certificate.  The CBO is the same as an MBA.  I think she qualifies for having the very broad skill set as well as the highly specialized skill set.   You did not state her educational background but tried to imply that she was not qualified.  “It is a well known fact that school district business is an entirely different animal, than the private/corporate sector.”  Ms. Breitenbucher has just that very highly specialized education and skill you require for this position.  Next you complain that the board was not involved in the hiring process.  

Well, for the record, every board member interviewed Ms. Breitenbucher and they were on the interview panel.  Ms. Robertson, if you know what the two or three consultants are going to be needed for, why have you not stated what skill set Ms. Breitenbucher is lacking?  You claim to have the inside track of the hiring process, so it stands to reason, you know something that the MUSD does not.  Can you clear up the air and explain what everyone else is missing?  I doubt you can, because I believe you fabricated the whole story.  Ms. Robertson, if you can explain how you know that the board did not participate in the hiring process, what training these two or three consultants are required to give, and what educational or experience Ms. Breitenbucher needs, I will (apologize).  If you can’t, then you and your fellow supporters need to stop the lies.  I, for one, want the best person working at the MUSD so others do not get pink slips.  It is people who can’t tell fact from fiction that cause the many problems in this country.  FRJ said on the blog, “What village idiot allowed this to happen?”
Scott McComas
June 28, 2009