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National Republicans need to back off
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I always thought that a person was supposed to be tried to determine guilt before they could be convicted. Roy Moore is being tried and convicted before the true facts can be presented.
Roy Moore does not follow the beat of Washington. When Alabama had their primary election earlier this year nothing was said about Moore’s indiscretions. He won, they had a runoff, and the Republican party spent over $13 million to defeat him. Didn’t work, he won. So now they would rather lose a U.S. Senate seat than have him win. They are afraid of him.
Mitch McConnell, senate majority leader, needs to back off because the American people can see the falsehoods being generated by the Republican National Committee. If these women were out there, why wait until the last minute to present them?
The actions of the Republican Party show they are not interested in helping the American citizen, as they proclaim, but want to keep things as status quo.
Enough is enough. Back off and let the citizens of Alabama vote without outside interference.

Dale Burnham