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Never forgotten at 46 - Charles
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Friday was our son Charles O Palmer II’s 46th birthday.

Happy Birthday, son. 

We moved to Manteca 1979, Charles was 8 years old. He attended Shasta Elementary, then on to Lincoln Middle School, and on to Manteca High School. Charles liked to be involved with sports: Track and Field, weight lifting, wrestling, and more. He was proud to have been on the MHS Football team. 

Charles was a member of Students in Prevention (SIP). He went to Camp La Honda to assist the disabled while “camping” for two years. Additionally, he was in the MHS Band. Getting to go to Hawaii to play with the band at the Pro-Bowl Football game. 

Based on the comments from students and friends that also attended MHS, Charles was well liked. But then, he felt called to do something bigger than himself, so he joined US Marine Corps 1992. During his first enlistment, Charles was sent to Kuwait during the Gulf War and when he left active duty, he stayed in the reserves until his friends were being sent to the Middle East in the War on Terror. Charles signed up to go back to active duty.  He was 36 years old when he went to Iraq.  KIA 5 May 2007. 

Many have sent Birthday wishes to us for Charles. I know that our son would be touched by the out pouring of caring.  The Palmer Family would like to extend our  Thanks for remembering Charles – Never Forgotten.  


Chuck and Terri Palmer