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No career opportunities to keep her in Manteca
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The question of who should be our next Mayor has entirely to do with which candidate knows what our problems are and has the experience to solve them. 

I support Ben Cantu for Mayor because I am tired of the problems in Manteca not being addressed, and because I am concerned for the future. I’m 27 years old, attended elementary and high school in Manteca, and am attending community college in Modesto while I still live here in town. I hate to say there are no career opportunities for people my age, no long term careers to keep them in Manteca, and from moving out of our city and even our county in search of the jobs they are looking for. 

Steve DeBrum has been Mayor for several years, and has been on the City Council for a long time. If he truly cares about addressing the problems in Manteca, he had his chance to do something about it over the past 12 years. I’ve met Ben Cantu and had the chance to talk to him on several occasions. He truly “gets it” and understands that Manteca must offer young adults opportunities and careers that will keep them in Manteca, and draw even more of us here. I want a Mayor who cares about Downtown and making sure young adults can afford to live here, and Ben Cantu does. 

Please vote for Ben Cantu for Mayor. I will be doing so, and will be doing it enthusiastically. 

Brittany Martens