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No one takes county housing checks
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have been a resident of Manteca since 1992. I have worked my entire eligible life, meaning I got my first work permit at the age of 15½ as the law allowed. I raised a couple of children, had two marriages, and a 22-year career. That being said I am now part of the unemployed homeless.
Unfortunate yes but my problem is not funding. I have jumped through the county and state hoops. I have my SNAP and general assistance, now who do I give it to? I am asking this because I have done the paperwork and received these allocated funds twice in three years and there is no one who will take the check so I can sleep inside. I can go out towards Stockton or Lodi as they have more housing but they also have more homeless. I would have preferred to have stayed with my community of friends here but that does not seem to be a possibility. In fact using the funds from the county to get a place to start over has not been a option as of yet. In order to find employment I need a place to sleep and keep myself fed and clean.
 I cannot go to interviews sleep deprived and disheveled. On the flipside if I am too nervous they assume i am on drugs. Is there any place in Manteca I have not been told of? In fact is there any encouragement to be given to some of the real estate owners in the area that may encourage them to help? What I have seen is this the farther out people drift the farther into things they seem to go. If you are out of the positive you get pulled into the negative. When you are from out of town you are an easy target and another lost person until someone takes you under their wing. Most of the people I have seen wander off don’t return the same. It is a harsh reality but it is easy to get sucked into the other side of life and the negativity if you are where you are, and no one cares. It is easier to be a thief than poor and hungry.
When no one cares, why should you?
The reality is harsh. I myself see kids I gave candy to on school field trips become the hardest thugs after they end up on the street. How can I encourage them to do better as they see me right beside them?
Any ideas on housing? I myself would greatly appreciate it. The fact is I am one in hundreds of parents just like me.

Angie Gannon