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No respect shown to the deceased
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For over the past year, some low-life thief has continually stolen momentos from my wife’s gravesite at Park View Cemetery in French Camp.

Three days ago, I placed a new ceramic angel on the headstone. Yesterday I discovered that it and another angel had been stolen. These are among many items stolen thus far.

I find it hard to believe that someone would stoop so low as to steal from the deceased.

I can only say to this person: enjoy your bounty and every time you look at it, remember... it is stolen property, you didn’t buy it, it wasn’t a gift from a friend or family member, you stole it from a gravesite. You should be very proud of yourself. And remember, God is watching!

It is too bad that such low-life thieves can’t show a little respect for others, especially the deceased.

Fred Steck
Feb. 15, 2012