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Non-Christians try to disrupt Christians
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am almost embarrassed for (shall I call him Mr. Baca?) Anyway, with due respect for the person using the name of Larry Baca, you should take anger management classes, as well as classes on ways to use better words when writing.

No, I’m not an English major. I am not an accomplished literary writer. But I can see, though, the attitude you have shown from letters that you have sent to the Manteca Bulletin in the past.

You remind me of the guy who didn’t want his daughter (that he did not have custody of) exposed to the need to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in her classroom in Elk Grove.

Non-Christians try to disrupt the freedom of expression for Christians in a country that was founded on the Love of God with respect of all religions. We may not all be of the same church beliefs, but it is written in the Constitution that all are to be respected.

Where does it say in any state constitution, United States of America constitution or preamble that we are to be converted to believe in a Christian Church? Catholics and Mormons are all respected although some Christians classify them as cults.

Eat your heart out and work your butt off trying to debunk that with legal arguments or writings from the Founding Fathers.
Ray Carter
Dec. 15, 2009