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Non-profit serves as taxpayers advocate in SJ County
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

A 60-year-old non-profit corporation is reorganizing to effectively advocate for taxpayers in San Joaquin County. 

The San Joaquin County Taxpayers Association was formed in 1949 to establish concert among local taxpayers for the fiscal oversight of local government.  The SJCTA became a key player in San Joaquin County’s civic establishment as concerned citizens developed a constructive working relationship with local government.  The membership will continue to provide accurate, unbiased information to enable leaders and citizens to make informed decisions on matters that affect our region.  The non-partisan organization brings the taxpayer’s perspective to public policy debates and it increases citizen awareness and involvement as a result of its research, education and advocacy for responsible public policy. 

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David Renison, President
San Joaquin County Taxpayers Association, Inc.