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Not all colleges are the same
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I totally agree with you (Dennis Wyatt’s column: “Colleges don’t need coddling, indoctrination” published Sept. 14); however, not all colleges are the same.  I re-entered college (Hayward State University) at about this same time.  I originally majored in History but changed it to a second and majored in Geography.  I did not find the political climate to be the same as you did in Sacramento State — in fact, I thought the history professors were very even-handed in presenting their subject.
 At one point, I talked to my professor because the majority of students in his class were very critical of how we fought WWII, especially the fire-bombing of Dresden, which is hard to take but understandable at that time in history. (I have been to Dresden, and the citizens have beautifully restored it.)  He agreed with me.
 I can understand how students of today feel about such total warfare, none of us liked it and as I grew old enough to understand what had happened, so did I but then I thought of the millions who died in concentration camps just because they were Jews and the disdain for lives of the ordinary people in their enemy cities and all the atrocities they and the Japanese committed.  What we did to end this war was necessary and had to be done to win which I believe was absolutely essential. 
Historically, as conquerors, we were actually quite considerate of those who had chosen to attack us and the terrible tragedies they perpetuated on civilian populations.  Certainly we were more humane than most conquerors in history.
However, my eldest daughter is a graduate of Sacramento State and attended just a couple of years after you.  She majored in Political Science and went on to graduate from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento — they were extremely liberal and imagine they still are. Out of my 4 children, 3 of which are university graduates, only she is a liberal.’

Marie Evans