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Not amused by Bacas letter
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am not at all amused by the letter from Mr. Baca.  Mr. Simoni sent in a letter filled with information about what is happening in America.  I do not care about the source, but I care about the truth of what is happening here in America. This is scary how we are selling ourselves out to be controlled by the government.  Thank you, Mr. Simoni for sending in the letter because when you look at these issues, it is heart breaking to see that this is really happening here in America.  

I would not be surprised to see what happened in the Iranian elections to happen here with voter fraud.  The Democrats have shown they will do anything to keep their power and with that power, they are slamming through legislation of more government control.  The Democrats and Mr. Baca seem to think this is amusing poking jokes at serious issues.  This is not what America is about.  The constitution says “limited government” but the government is eliminating the power of the people.
  Amy Sullivan
July 17, 2009