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Now developers want concessions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It seems as though the city officials have no direction in governing Manteca. Now there is a proposal on the table to make further concessions to developers. They want to defer collecting fees until new homes are sold.

Developers want to shut off the flow of deficit bucks to developers for a period of time. First the council – on the insistence of developers - raised fees and now the developers want concessions.

It seems as though developers want a huge break in their profits while we are getting the shaft.

The editor of the Bulletin constantly refers to the state as stealing local taxes. The editor is mostly referring to hoarded Redevelopment Development Agency money the state is taking. If the governor is a thief for taking a small amount of this funding, then what do you call the mayor and council who wrote off $31 million in RDA debt on the sports complex?

This issue was swept under the carpet, while the editor made reference to the governor and the state as being the thieves.

Fleener J. Richards
Jan. 24, 2010