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Numerous mail thefts in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I read in the paper about the three recent muggings in Manteca and the presence of violent crime is upsetting to me.
Meanwhile there is a silent crime wave threatening our residents.
We all heard in the news and read in the paper about the infamous Fajardo sisters, who were arrested in Stockton with stolen mail from Stockton, Manteca and Brentwood.
Mail thefts in Manteca have occurred over several months and were committed generally without damage to community mailboxes, indicating that these evil doers or their criminal network had master keys.
Since then I hear daily reports from neighbors and friends of bank and credit card accounts being compromised.
Those who have not had their accounts breached have experienced the major inconvenience of cancelling/reissuing credit cards, changing bank accounts, freezing credit reports and daily monitoring of all their assets.
There are multiple investigations ongoing, locally with the Stockton and Manteca Police and federally with the USPS Inspector.
It seems like a crime that garners this level of attention from authorities would have found its way into the Manteca Bulletin pages. If nothing else the paper should act as a public service to residence, warning them about the potential danger and admonishing them to be vigilant, both in observing suspicious activities and taking steps to protect their identity and assets.

Timothy A. Gathany