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Obama & BP: Perfect oil buddies
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In the 2008 election cycle, the top recipient of political donations from British Petroleum (BP) was President Barack Obama as BP also spent a massive $16 million on influential legislation in 2009.  No wonder it took the Obama administration nearly two weeks to respond to the Gulf oil spill. Nor did the federal government take control of preventing the oil from contaminating the Gulf shores, creating the largest environmental disaster in history.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the media blasted President Bush for a lack of a federal response, which ultimately resulted in FEMA director Michael Brown being replaced.  Bush received much criticism for taking four days to go to New Orleans conspirator.  Yet, Barack Obama took 12 days to go to the Gulf Coast and conspirators remain relatively silent after a poor federal government response in the federal protected waters off the Louisiana coast.

The media rarely mentions the mistakes caused by the Obama administration or that Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, went water rafting during the disaster and “categorically excluded” a detailed environment review of the drilling plans submitted by British Petroleum as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, because it posed virtually no chance of harming the environment.  We hear nothing about how the Obama administration gave a safety award last year on the very BP drilling platform that is leaking in the Gulf or that the Interior Department claimed it inspected the drilling platform just 10 days before the accident, even though the rig’s emergency shutoff valve reportedly had a dead battery.   Environmentalist and the media would have gone wild if this happened under President Bush.  The media would have accused Bush of being slow to respond and unconcerned about the environment while conspirator would have accused Bush of doing this to raise oil prices for his oil buddies. Yet it took Obama eight days to fully deploy cabinet-level federal officials. 

 Many Democrats have already tried to somehow blame Bush; but according to a Washington Times Editorial on May 25, 2010, “the Blame Bush game became increasingly worn and unconvincing.”

As a result of this disaster, Obama has sought blame on whoever he can and according to the Washington Times Editorial, “everything is somebody else’s fault in Obamaworld.”  However, the Obama administration has oversight over the federally protected water and the drilling industry, therefore, Obama cannot escape some blame. 

Representative Mike Pence stated:  “The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an ongoing tragedy, and the American people deserve action to protect our Gulf and they deserve answers.  The American people deserve to know what happened on April 20th, and Congress should investigate it thoroughly. The American people deserve to know why the administration was slow to respond, why necessary equipment was not immediately on hand in the area and why the president did not fully deploy cabinet-level federal officials until he spoke at the White House on April 28th. 

 After two months of oil continuing to flow into the Gulf and, according to Zogby polling showing 16% of public opinion approval of the federal government’s handling of BP’s Gulf oil spill, Obama is feeling the pressure to get something done.  He is now demanding BP to fix the problem and blaming them for their “slow and frugal efforts.”

Sounds like Obama and BP make perfect mates as oil buddies.
Frank Aquila
President of the South
San Joaquin Republicans