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Obama creates bathroom confusion
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Barack Obama has been president for seven years and already people are confused about which bathroom they should use.
The Obama administration ordered school districts throughout America to allow all students to use the bathroom of their choice based on how one identifies him or herself and not based on the gender that person was born with. If the school districts do not comply, they would face loss of federal funding and if a school district were to ignore the mandatory guidelines brought to us by the federal government, that school could face a federal lawsuit based on Title IX.
Should the rights of a few violate the rights of several? According the Democrat Party, they do. Each person has been born either male or female. Just because less than one percent of America identifies as transgender does not mean the norms of society should or must be changed to protect the rights granted to that person over the rights of privacy to all Americans. No one is denying the right to use the bathroom. Most Americans agree that an individual should use the restroom based on their actual sexual gender. A female should use the girls’ bathroom and a male should use the boys’ bathroom. Why is this so hard to understand? This political correctness and tolerance has gone too far.
As an officer working in the criminal justice system for nearly thirty years, a superior recently told me that if a female were to identify herself as a male, she would have to be placed into male population. Can you imagine how many male prisoners will formally or legally state their new identity is female to request to be placed into female population? Legally, each prison of each state would have to comply based on the federal law or face a civil lawsuit. Our prisons would become co-ed with multiple sexual assaults.
The sexual confusion created by the Obama administration is utterly insane and dangerous. Children reaching puberty in our schools are placed in a dangerous environment and those in our population, especially females, will have their privacy rights violated. Our government has only caused confusion to the basic fact of “Male” or “Female”. Now, no one seems to know which bathroom to use and it only took Obama seven years to confuse America.

Frank Aquila