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Obamacare backers dont like questions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
We keep hearing the complaint about President Obama’s birth certificate. I agree that it should be a moot issue, he is our President and until there is an investigation that leads to proof, we need to leave it to the experts.

 Having said that I still reserve the right to oppose our president when I believe he is going in the wrong direction. I do not see any reason to demonize a “crazy lady” as seems to be common place among those on the left.  The truth is if she is in fact a crazy lady she is not worth comment. Since we see so much from the left attacking Sarah Palin it must be because they believe she is a real presence in the political world. Therefore she can make a difference in the political battle for this nation.

The facts are clear to any who can use logic and reason, if there in fact was nothing to worry about with the end-of-life counseling then why would the senate drop it from its version. In their infinite wisdom the senate discarded this part of the bill.  Of course it could always show up in the final bill. The problem with discarding that part of the plan does not prove it was not a rational plan for medical treatment for the elderly because we can see examples from different single payer plans that strive to save money. One such case in Oregon, where they have a state-run plan: a woman with terminal cancer was denied doctor recommended treatment to extend her life, was instead given instructions for how to accomplish physician assisted suicide which somehow is legal in Oregon. Many other stories from single payer systems abound with denied treatment for the elderly, long waiting periods for treatment which lead to death and the recent case where pain-relieving injections for back injuries were denied to those with severe back pain because it did not cure the problem. If nothing else these are warning flags which someone with half a brain would see fit to address and reduce the fears with a more positive plan for treatment. Just denying that the possibility exists does not win the argument.

This is such a serious situation as is any time the government pronounces changes that I recommend everyone concerned check out the stories and check out the comments on and observe the blind bias from those on the left while checking the facts from the right. Here are a couple of examples:

The left wing radicals denied any such snitch web site could ever exist yet we all know that the White House is collecting e-mails from the opponents of health care and as a matter of law are required to keep on file. They claim they are not creating a list but it is not much of a stretch to see they have a file on hand for future use if they chose. Another example is the denial that 70% of those in countries that have government run health care say it is broken. Give credit to those on the left that checked it out and found it was in fact true much the same as the snitch web site. They then proceeded to bring out that the current plan in the US. The facts are that of those who have a plan now show 80% are pleased with it. Another fact is that as the left keeps defending the point that the members of congress won’t be under the plan they are proposing is because they have excellent health care. So why are they talking down the current system if it is so good for them?

People are becoming aware of the situation and are not sitting on the sidelines. They are speaking out and those on the left don’t like being challenged. Well they had better get used to it.
Jerry Johnson
Aug. 16, 2009