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Obamas legacy no longer exists
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Lately I have read only useless rhetoric in local liberal papers (Modesto Bee and Stockton Record) praising President Barrack Obama’s legacy.  But, the true facts are that Barrack’s legacy and ideology ceased to exist the moment Hillary lost the election.  No longer will Americans suffer because of Obama’s true intentions to degrade the USA into a third world country.
Our President’s vision of globalism was defeated by nationalism.  Nationalism was revived by Obama’s actions and statements to Americans.  It became evident that Barrack was neither patriotic nor proud of our great country.  No Commander–in-Chief has ever apologized to foreign leaders and at the same time embolden our enemies!  Our President also leaves behind the embarrassing distinction of disliking Christians, our military, and law enforcement.
Another factor that enters into Barrack’s ideology is income equality.  The lowering of living standards for many in the middle working class achieved Obama’s goal.
So, what legacy does Barrack Obama leave behind for all Americans?  Surely, it can’t be a failed Obamacare.  Nor can it be billions given to Iran for a nuke deal and hostages?  Also, Barrack will be haunted for years to come for not having the guts to hold the Syrian Red Line.  The haunting result was 500,000 men, women, and children killed and millions of refugees displaced all over Europe. 
But, after 8 years of the worst presidency ever, there are a couple of bright spots.  SEAL Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden and there were more drone strikes on terrorist leaders. 

Bob Van Groningen