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OC built underpasses to eliminate horns
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
My name is Cory Granath. My wife and I move up here to Manteca about three months ago now to be near her family.
In any case I read your article about the train horns blowing and have noticed the multiple train crossings throughout town.
North Orange County faced a similar problem with multiple hundred car freight trains and ten rail crossings through town that causes backed up traffic and fatalities.
Plus the residents complained as they would blare their horns for safety.
So the solution was to eliminate the street crossings and dig ten under crossings which just finished completion to the tune of $600 million paid by the Orange County transit authority as well as bond measures and in part by the BNSF railroad I believe.
The new under crossings through populated areas meant trains no longer had to slow down at all, nor did they have to blare their train horns since traffic flow over the tracks was eliminated.

Cory Granath