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Of water, steel & California politics
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After spending all my adult years in manufacturing things out of steel and stainless steel, I am just stumped why Saudi Arabia can build nine water desalination plants in 18 months for $530 million and the best we can do is dig a tunnel to move water from a fertile breadbasket, just to waste water in Disneyland.
Those nine plants will make 240,000 cubic liters of fresh clean water every 24 hours. In acre feet, that is huge. We can solve the water shortage in California forever. And maybe make a few bucks without selling pot. Imagine how many good paying long term jobs this would create. If we need more water, we can build more plants. Imagine all the food that can be grown. What is the worst thing that can happen? I know when someone has an idea to create jobs, our elected officials shake in fear. So, OK, take a bundle of cash and wave it in front of their noses so they can see it and smell it. Maybe that will peak their interest: Money — and lots of it.
Somebody please tell me why not?
Here is another one for you to think about. Any transportation job with Caltrans, requires all steel to be “double domestic”, meaning cast here and formed here. American made. Why did the all the steel for the Bay Bridge come from China? Why are all the railroad tracks supposed to be double domestic Steel, when the high speed train will use Chinese made rail? Show me that fortune cookie.
Geeze, I need some medical pot so I can feel better and give myself more confidence.
Gary J. Duran