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Oil change event was a big success
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
We wanted to restate our appreciation to a few helpers and say thanks for those helping with the free oil changes for single moms event. This event was actually started through Crossroads Church and put on from the men’s ministry but this year they blessed the ladies with a spa day instead of an oil change like in years past. When our team here at Precision Auto and Aldo’s team at Pro Touch heard that Crossroads was doing the spa day instead of the oil changes we put our heads together and figured out how we could bless them with both.

 So with that thought Ted Atkins (Precision Automotive Service Writer) got together with Aldo from Pro Touch (Owner) and they came up with the idea of making coupons to put in the ladies goodie bags that were given to them on their spa day.

 We want to thank our friends at church (New Hope and Crossroads), Auto Zone for parts and snacks, Superior for parts, Castrol oil for oil, Kragen (CSK) for parts and of course, all the volunteers who made this such a success. Thank you so much to everyone! A special thanks to Aldo for the coupons and always ready to be of service. We work well together and you are much appreciated.

God Bless.

Chris & Shelley Kohl
Owners /
Ted Atkins
Service Writer