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One Voice trip to DC is not a spring break vacation
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I will not be going to Washington, DC, this year as part of the SJ County One Voice contingent. The One Voice trip is not a ‘spring recess vacation’ as Mr. Millner describes in his letter but an intense, very busy, concerted effort to keep our representatives there and various federal agency aware of the needs in our county.
 Approximately 40 people from most of the municipalities and districts in the county will be in attendance, breaking up into small working groups and anticipating in a slew of meetings each day. I know that Mayor Steve DeBrum, and councilmen Mike Morowit and Gary Singh will be working hard as they seek federal assistance with major projects that will have significant impact on our daily lives, such as the Highway 120/99 interchange reconfiguration.
 Councilwoman Debby Moorhead will also not be going to DC this year.
Rich Silverman
  Manteca councilman