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Opposes Ripon Fire’s Measure A tax
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is in regards to Ripon Consolidated Fire District Measure A on the June 5 ballot.
I am a resident of this area and do live in the Bethany facility. We are all seniors here and are paying a sizeable amount to live here.
We live on what we have. We do not work to have extra income.
For them to ask us who live here to pay $250 a year whereas other residents pay $125 a year is not fair.
There are new people gradually moving into the area so they can help pay.
I am also “anti-sanctuary” and do not want to have to pay to help all the illegals permitted to live in California. It’s an absolutely wrong decision on Gov. Brown’s part.
I always paid my share of taxes but to Measure “A” I say no.

Marcella Kamper