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Outraged by council bonus bucks decision
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

 I hope the citizens of Manteca are outraged by the city council’s decision to kiss off the $6.9 million “bonus bucks” from the developers.

Vince Hernandez’s analogy about meals and tips is absolutely ridiculous and only serves to drive home the fact that he and the other council members do not know what they are doing! 

 The millions of dollars of debt the city council acquires and then relies on developers “bonus bucks” to cover city services proves once again they do not know what they are doing. I wonder if they handle their household expenses the same way, by relying on their “bonus bucks” from the developers?

 I was recently at a fundraiser for a city council hopeful who also happens to currently be on the Planning Commission.  At this event I was talking with a gentleman and his son who seemed very knowledgeable about the workings of the city council and the planning commission.  During the course of our brief conversation I stated that Manteca did not need more homes it needed more businesses.  One them said that the people who worked in the businesses needed someplace to live.  I told them “No, the people who already live here have to go to other towns to find jobs.”  I asked them what they did.  Are you ready for this?  They were developers!  Turns out they are one of the biggest developers in Manteca.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it very interesting and curious that one of the biggest developers in the area was at a fundraiser for a candidate for city council and currently a member of the planning commission!

Voters study before you vote!  Know your candidates!

 Sandra Ahrens