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Outraged over mandated increase in school lunch price
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Good  story about the school lunches but I think it is an outrage that they are going to  increase the  price on  kids that pay.

I think all  school kids should  get free lunch.

 The parents of the children that don’t qualify for free are already paying the price  with their taxes  for everyone else to  receive something their child is denied.

There is no guarantee these kids with working parents are getting the nutrition they need. With both parents often  rushing out  to  their jobs  early morning  there is no time and sometimes  no money  because of taxes and  other  high costs of living.

I understand it is a federal government mandate to raise the cost.  These  so-called  government  leaders we have today, seem intent on squeezing every  dime they can get from  people  that work and pay their bills just so  they   can  give it away. If these  leaders  would just  eliminate  some of their wasteful spending and do their job they could feed everyone and not go after  kids’ lunches.

 I don’t even have kids in school  but this seems unfair.

Betty Mattos
June 18, 2011