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Palin crosses the Bridge to Nowhere
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
If ever there were any question as to the character of Sara Palin, there certainly shouldn’t be any now. As we all know by now, Sara Palin announced her plans to, well, have no plans at all. Her, what can only be described as an inscrutable resignation speech, clarified nothing, and then expounded on more nothing. Her reasons for quitting turned out to be a game of 52-pickup, tossing up the cards and expecting everyone to just grab one, any one.

If you listen to her speech, you will surely feel like you’ve been listening to a bad imitation of George W Bush, or worse. Of course she made sure to put some blame on the media, who are always bad in Sara land and all points to the Right, the ethics complaints were costing too much, as if they would get cheaper or go away, Alaska would be better off, well that is probably the only reason that made sense, oh, and she is not “a dead fish who goes with the flow”. She also said she was not a quitter but a fighter, huh? Guess that is why she, uh.. quit. She said she didn’t want to put Alaska through the boredom of a lame-duck office holder. I guess every office holder who is not quite done with their term, like half-way done, should just quit, after all if your football team is losing as badly as the GOP, why not just leave at half-time?

Maybe she just felt like she was suffocating under a damp mattress, maybe she just wanted to experience her once favorite slogan, “Cut and Run”. One thing is for certain, she just crossed over the Bridge to Nowhere and she isn’t coming back anytime soon.  Most, apparently including her one-time supporters, would say, good riddance. And who can blame them? She couldn’t even explain something as simple as quitting (“I’m quitting because...”). So why should they even care? I, on the other hand, will miss the entertainment, much like I miss George W Bush. SNL will not be quite the same without her or Dubya, and that’s a shame.
Larry Baca
July 8, 2009