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Panhandling; parking at Chipoltes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to see the Manteca City Council pass an ordinance to further curb panhandling.

They set on the curbs in driveways and people have to turn out around them by moving over into the incoming lane. There is one lady who sets on the curb continuously at the exit and entry at Walt-Mart and this causes every car to make a wide turn to avoid coming close to her. The exit is in the Walt-Mart parking lot that exits to South Main Street. This is a one lane exit and it’s dangerous to turn wide to avoid a person.

Another problem that the council should address is the parking situation at the Bank of the West. The city should have denied Chipotle’s Restaurant a license to set up a restaurant in such a limited parking area. Their customers park in every available space and this interferes with people’s banking. It’s like this consistently during the day. This is very poor city planning that allows a restaurant to infringe on the entire retail parking lot that other businesses depend on.

Council member Debby Moorhead  responded to a previous request I made to the council on this issue. She said that she would address this problem, but I have seen no progress made on this issue. Perhaps she met with opposition on this issue.

I would like to see this council revoke the license of Chipolte’s to restore parking. Many times I have almost been hit backing out of the bank by speeding cars speeding by in back of you. Cars parked at the bank, blocks your side view of cars entering the parking lot from the entrance. I request the council to address this issue and come up with a solution. No business should be allowed to dominate the entire parking lot.

Fleener Richards