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Peacock victim of speeding
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The people who live on Lathrop Road halfway between Highway 99 and Cottage Avenue on May 7 lost a very dear friend named “Big Bird” or BB for short. He was a peacock who lived among us for 13 or 14 years.
This time of year he was fully feathered and would wander making his peacock sound trying to attract a mate.
We all took turns trying to keep him on the south side of the road so he wouldn’t cross Lathrop Road. Yesterday we failed. A neighbor was leaving and noticed BB coming from an orchard to cross the road to return home.
The neighbor tried to flag down a car to slow down so BB could cross safely but to no avail.
I know the person driving the car had to have seen him from a distance.
I realize BB shouldn’t have been on the road but the driver didn’t even attempt to slow down.
Since they put in the new overpass on Lathrop Road and Highway 99 and installed a traffic light on the east side, when the light turns green it’s like the Indy 500.
God help anyone or anything that tries to cross the street or pull out of their driveway.
To the driver, when you are driving in the country, be prepared for any creature crossing the road.
BB will be greatly missed by all.

Jane Boero