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Persecuting those who are different
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In today’s political climate, the Democrats are claiming that Republicans are being divisive.  This is contrary to reality. Let’s start with Islam.
The Liberals and Democrats constantly say we conservatives’ are divisive, because we are pointing out the evil violence that Islam conducts.  Democrats claim we need to be sensitive to the Islamic culture and be accepting.  Hillary Clinton and our own local liberals have stated this many times before in their own snarky rhetoric.  Let’s not forget the LGBT community along with the support from Democrats and Liberals who have claimed Republicans are mean spirited. 
Now consider the North Carolina bathroom bill.  These same people are claiming Republicans are mean and divisive are the true perpetrators’ who are dividing the country.  The Islamic community is very much against allowing men and women being together in any near proximity.  Do you think for one moment that the Islamic community wants any public restroom where they shop or business restroom where they work to be gender non-specific, where they need to share? There are more Muslims in the US than transgender people in the US.
The majority of non-Islamic women also do not want males in the female restrooms. Does the discomfort of the very few outweigh the discomfort of the many?  When the American Islamic community stands behind the NC bathroom law, and practices this type of inclusion, I’ll eat crow. 
The liberals, Sanders, and Clinton have used Muslim issues to stir up the people, the NC bathroom bill to stir up the people, greed to stir up people, and bullies to cause riots, injure people, and shut down free speech. 
While contemplating how I wanted to close this letter, the Orlando FL shooting happened.  The media is reporting that the gunman became incensed after seeing two gay men kissing. The context of what is radical against common place or normal against abnormal, must be applied contextually the same.  There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world.  Let’s say 50% of Islam followers believe it is justified to kill a homosexual.  This calculates out to 900 million people who hold this belief.  About 4% of the world’s population is homosexual.  This calculates out to 292 million people being gay.  Even if you change the ratio to a few Muslims who are radical, and that there are more homosexuals in the world, the best you get is about an even ratio.  If we say that 900 million people are radical or abnormal to the populous, then how much more abnormal to the populous or radical is a smaller community out of the population.  If we say that homosexuality is normal, then how much more is a larger community out of the population? 
While I think that homosexuality is disgusting, the cold blooded murder of 50 people is beyond being a human.  On April 6 2016, an Imam in Florida preached about killing homosexuals being permissible and they must die.  The people of Florida complained, but the Imam and the worshippers of that mosque defended their speaker as their right.  I ask the Democrats, Clinton supporters, Sanders supporters, Liberals, and the like, they need to choose a side. 
How will Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives political supporters reconcile with the public and the LGBT community in general, who they support, the LGBT community or the Muslim community?  How many people in the LGBT community are going to embrace the Muslim community?  I suspect the LGBT community; by and large, will condemn Islam.  This country was founded on people coming here to escape persecution.  Islam is globally reaching out to persecute everyone who does not believe as they do.  The Democrats, Liberals, Communists, Socialist, and others, who do not like conservatism, persecute through violence  and politically correct speech those who like liberty.
If you have gone to rallies and participated in anarchy clashes, you are just as guilty as the Florida shooter.  Whether you spat on someone, threw a punch, tossed a bottle, or pulled a trigger killing 50, you are one and the same.

Scott McComas