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Trump is making America great again
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
America and President Trump had a great week.  That can only mean that Larry Baca ran to his “safe place” hoping and pleading for Special Counsel Robert Mueller find any sort of Trump-Russian collusion after over a year to stop Trump!  He sat there holding his “Resist” sign wondering what to do next.  Then he writes his latest letter to the Bulletin, “Says Aquila tax view not credible” on May 14, 2018 babbling from issue to issue as if he received a concussion from facts hitting him in the head.
However, in his letter, did Larry mention that the unemployment rate had fallen this past week to 3.9 percent?  No.  Maybe Larry mentioned the three hostages that were released from North Korea?  No.  Did Larry mention that North Korea is reportedly willing to dismantle their nuclear weapons when Trump meets with their leader?  No.  Certainly Larry would retract his words from an earlier letter labeling Trump as mentally incapable of dealing with a nuclear North Korea and that he was making America unsafe?  No.  There was no retraction.  Maybe Larry would comment that Trump would be deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize if he brings peace to the Korean Peninsula?  No.  Larry forgot that too.  
You have to almost feel sorry for a liberal Democrat like Larry.  He went on to blame Trump for pulling out of the horrible Iranian deal, which billions of dollars in American tax dollars were given to Iran without any verification of them stopping their uranium enrichment for nuclear weapons or the release of U.S. hostages.  Larry writes, “the result will be even high gas prices.”  I have already explained to Larry that California has the highest gasoline prices in the nation due to a “special blend” and high taxes.  Of course, we will have higher gasoline prices based on the world market.  However, what Larry forgets is that Trump has moved America toward energy independence in the coming years with the passage of the Keystone Pipeline, opening up oil production in Alaska, and putting coal workers back to work.  Soon, we will not need to be held hostage by terrorist oil.
Next, through Larry’s babbling, he tries to use old Democrat tactics of scare by blaming Republicans for trying to privatize Social Security, knowing that the proposal was from years ago and would have allowed young workers to put a small percentage of their deduction into the stock market.  Had that proposal been successful, those workers would have seen their money quadruple over the past 10 years.  Larry also fails to point out the success of the stock market since Trump became president.  Wouldn’t it be good to allow all workers to make more in their retirement Larry while protecting the money there for the elderly?  Oh but I cannot let Larry off so easy.  The money missing from Social Security independent “Trust Fund” was removed in the late 1960’s from the Democrats, who were in control of Congress, and into the general operating fund so that the Democrats in Congress could spend it.  Since then, the money for Social Security was left with IOU’s due to the Democrats.  These were the same Democrats that eliminated the income tax deduction for your Social Security , started taxing Social Security annuity payments, and then started to give annuity payments to immigrants at age 65 even when they hadn’t paid a dime into the system.  Thank you for bring up that point Larry.  Would you like to bring up another point for the people to remember how the Democrat party is screwing the working people?
The only thing Larry has now is to be the opposition party to everything good that Trump is doing to Make America Great!  Larry can call the tax cuts, “crumbs” like Nancy Pelosi did and inspire people to pay more taxes.  He can promote high-octane socialism by guaranteeing everyone a government job.  Or maybe Larry will tell everyone how great it will be that expensive solar panels will be mandated for new homes in California at the expense of the buyer.  Better yet, Larry can hold his “Resist” sign and state we should impeach Trump for no crimes; but because he is “Making America Great Again!”
It is only logic that Larry Baca can understand after receiving a concussion from facts.

Frank Aquila