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PG&E partially to lame for state budget mess
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I fully support the name editor Dennis Wyatt used in his column to describe the PG&E representative.

This tax predator organization contributed to the deficit we now have in this state. They asked then-Governor Davis to deregulate energy and he complied with their wishes. In doing so, a year later, they asked to increase the rates by 33% to cover their loss under deregulation of energy. This was denied by former Davis. The reason was the law doesn’t allow the state to raise rates for a utility to recover its full loss. They came back later and the California Public Utilities Commission gave them a 17% rate increase. This company is notorious for frequent rate increases.

It seems the PG&E owns the CPUC, for they grant frequent increases on us and these village idiots comply with any request they put before them. The CPU granted a three-tier rate increase a while back and now they want a 6 % increase again. I also believe they control the San Joaquin Council Local Agency Formation Commission as well.

I feel any supporter of the PG&E sets themselves up for anything anyone wants to bestow on them. They have total disregard for people who are on limited incomes and struggling with trying to get by in a sour economy, on a single fixed income. It is my belief that Dennis, as a fairly new home buyer, has come to grips with what retirees on fixed incomes, as well as home owners who are trying to make their dollar stretch, is up against. It is my opinion Dennis, as an editor, has the same rights to express himself as we do.
Fleener Richards
Sept. 8, 2009