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Phone scammers claim theyre from IRS
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I got a phone call Friday for a caller claiming to be a deputy for the IRS saying I owed them money for filing my taxes incorrectly and they were going to freeze  my bank account (I don’t think they would give you a warning).

They started getting very rude with me and threatened to get the police to go to my house. Ii had already figured out it was a scam as H&R block does them and pretty sure the IRS sends a letter first.

When you call the number back they give you it sounds like the first part of the IRS recording but not all of it so I called the IRS and it was the same but longer. The number they gave me was 844.240.3115. Could you please warn people please  there are many scams out there?

Thank you.

Melanie Parker