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Plan out of synch with Union Ranch
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The proposed plan for Manteca Luxury Apartments on Lathrop Road is inappropriate for many reasons, including traffic and emergency (police and fire) concerns.
On a less important level, but still of concern, are the appearance and the name. The rest of the buildings in the Union Ranch area are no higher than two stories tall, with an appealing exterior and nice landscaping. The apartments would be three stories tall, with fences and walls and limited landscaping. (Some of the buildings in the approved but not yet built Woodbridge Apartments will be three stories tall, but they will not be as visible as they don’t  front on a major road.)
The name is rather pretentious and not as inviting as the other nearby developments (Woodbridge, Union Ranch, The Commons). Besides if one needs to proclaim “Luxury” in their name, it gives the impression that it is exclusive, and therefore not “part of the community”
The gated aspect adds to that impression, as well as adding to the traffic concerns. If a resident or visitor is trying to turn right into the complex and must wait for the gate to open, might that not create a hazard to following traffic, especially as close as it is to the Union Road intersection?
Another concern is that there is nothing in the plan to indicate a bus-loading zone, which would be important for encouraging public transportation, or for school buses.
Thank you for your careful consideration of these issues, as this complex will have a great impact on this area of the City.

Bekke Hess