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Please say a prayer for people of Poland
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I saw a report on the news which touched me deeply; the Polish people have turned out in their millions to mourn their losses in the recent air crash disaster* by lighting vast arrays of votive candles in the colors of the Polish flag.  What an incredible sight!  Poland has always been a very Christian (Catholic) nation and this spontaneous demonstration exemplifies their collective faith.  Please say a prayer for the dead and the people of Poland.

(*This appears to be an intentional hit to me.  The heads of key governmental departments including the Central Bank of Poland, 90 odd souls, all killed in one fell swoop.  I do not trust the Russians who have a long tradition of hate for Poland (The Church) which makes the global news blackout, on any ensuing investigation of this tragedy, very suspicious.)

 Steven J. Catalano
April 15, 2010