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Please, try to act like adults
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is a copy of a letter I sent to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:
Dear Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump;
I am writing this letter to each of you with the hope you will listen to my concerns and conduct your campaign in a more mature and positive vein for the next 30 days.
We try to teach our children that bullying is unacceptable.  Yet every time they turn on the television, they see ads that demean one of you, paid by the other.  We encourage our children to watch the debates to get them interested in our countries leadership and to get to know their future president; yet when they do, all they see are two immature adults’ slinging insults at one another, encouraging bullying and disrespect.  What a sad example you are each setting for our youth.
I have watched each of the debates this year.  When they end, I feel discouraged and disappointed.  Neither one of you answers the questions asked of you. Instead of taking the time during your opportunity to sell yourself and your views, you waste time expounding on your perception of your opponents view on said subject.  Then to cultivate your immaturity, you constantly interrupt one another. It would be so rewarding if either of you actually answered the actual question asked of you, and allowed your opponent to do the same.
The American public is not stupid.  They know when someone is lying, and if they don’t the media lets the American public know what a lie was and what was true.  It is a shame you are wasting your precious time to sell yourself and your ability to be our next Commander in Chief in demeaning your opponent.
It would be so refreshing to hear why we should vote for you, and not why you believe we should not vote for your opponent.   

Carol Davis