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Police order Bikers for Christ to leave fair
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My name is Chaplain Dave Bates. I am a member and chapter elder of Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry.

I could not believe the incident that happened at the Pumpkin Festival Sunday afternoon. Two of my members were asked to leave the street fair by the Manteca Police because they were wearing their vest with our ministry patches on the back. They were told it was due to the shooting in Sparks, Nev., the previous weekend. We are a Christian Motorcycle Ministry, not a street gang, or even a motorcycle club.

It is the purpose of our ministry to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost section of society, the biker world, that society has chosen not to associate with. This ministry has been operating for 21 years with no problems. I was under the impression that profiling was against the law.

I find it appalling that a beer garden is allowed to operate in the middle of the street fair where drunken people can stroll around the event, then get in their cars and drive home, possibly causing an accident where innocent people could be injured or killed. I don’t see the logic in this other than the revenue the beer garden brings in. How can this be a favorable option over allowing a Christian Motorcycle Ministry to wear their club affiliation on the back of their vest? What is next? I suppose, next people will be asked to leave because they are wearing sport gear of their favorite team. I find this whole situation appalling. Thank you.

Chaplain Dave Bates
Minister, Rushing Wind Ministries
Bikers for Christ M/M
Central Valley Chapter Elder