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Political hot air creates global warming
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Having watched Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address and Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address, I can only conclude one thing, and that is Global Warming is real. With all the hot air coming out of Sacramento and the nation’s capitol, what else could it be?

Jerry Brown has his priorities backwards. He put the high speed rail first, and California’s education last on his agenda. Without educating our children, we raise a country of illiterates with no need to succeed. On this high speed rail thing, my question is who is going to pay the electric bill? When that system is energized whether tracks or overhead wires, it will draw full power whether the train runs or not. The only winner would be the company that supplies the power. As a small business in manufacturing, in the summer my electric bill doubles because it costs more money to make electricity during those months. That being said, will Brown’s electric train set get the same treatment as the rest of us? So, who is it really that wants this train? With so many businesses closing, and people losing their homes, the electric companies are losing millions in revenue. I will ask it again, who is it really that wants this electric train?

As Obama continues to unravel America’s manufacturing and industry, I am reminded of what a Japanese admiral said after they bombed Pearl Harbor. “I am afraid all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.” He was referring to our country’s industrial capacity, which this now-sitting president has made it very clear he wants to unravel to the core. In his State of the Union address, he talked about putting Americans back to work. I remember his “Shovel Ready” stuff the last time. Does he mean shovel ready, like working in the fields picking cotton or tomatoes? All the good high paying union manufacturing jobs are going to China, Mexico, and now to Brazil.

People in the news are slamming Romney on his religious beliefs. Well, we have a Muslim in there now and look where we are. My first choice is Newt, and I know he may not make it, my second choice is Santorum, but I will take anybody but Obama at this point.

Gary Duran


Feb. 1, 2012